Page by Page: Book Reviews

The Way Some People Lose

Pipes’s book works hard at making Nixon-in-winter a true conservative as he emerged from his worst days of physical and emotional wreckage after leaving Washington to become a kind of consul without portfolio, the eminence grise of the Republican Party.

We Shall Be Released

The true beauty of A Good Cry lies in Giovanni’s ability to move between a range of sentiments, doing so in the most poignant of ways: by saying it plainly and direct.

The Cat Astir About the Room

The more you sit with these poems, the more they show their multivalence as they explore the complexities of our fast-paced, media-saturated 21st century.

What We Do For the Love of Sports

Superfans’s profiles are powerful and compassionate narratives of the men and women who identify as such, but they are not particularly insightful considerations of the broader ramifications of fan behavior.