Page by Page: Book Reviews

From Radical Warrior to Lion in Winter

If at times we are perplexed and frustrated by Frederick Douglass and other times galvanized and inspired, it is only because he lived in our most perplexing and frustrating time as a nation.

The Genesis of Germ Theory History

Fitzharris takes readers from the pre-Listerian surgical theaters replete with pathogenic microorganisms and decaying bodies to sterile hospital wards filled with recovering patients.

Poetry of Neat Conceits

Dunn more or less meets the bar he has set for himself. The question then becomes how a reader comes to terms with a poet who seems content with the strategies and forms he has cultivated for himself.

Within Our Gates

May aims to demonstrate that, over the past fifty years or more, there has emerged a “new consensus” that Americans have everything to fear—especially from each other—despite the fact that in very many ways their world has grown safer.