Zachary Manditch-Prottas

Zachary Manditch-Prottas is an Adjunct Professor in the Department of African & African-American Studies, American Culture Studies, and the Prison Education Program at Washington University in St. Louis.  His research and teaching work at the nexus of twentieth-century African American literature, Black cultural studies, and theories of gender and sexuality.

Posts by Zachary Manditch-Prottas

The Story of a Literary Friendship and How It Ends Badly

Be it Hughes and Hurston, Baldwin and Wright, or Tupac and Biggie, burdened friendships are a recurrent and disturbingly alluring theme in the study of Black writers. Yet, if it is the dramatic bite of high-profile betrayal that tends to ignite a hot-selling story, in the case of Zora and Langston it is the dynamics of friendship that provide a happy counterexample.