Reflections On the Gender Gap

The gender salary gap is significantly more complex than a simple comparison of median earnings by gender. The gender salary gap among the highly-educated can be explained by many factors, some starting as early as middle school mathematics courses.

The Adventures of Bitcoin

It is unfortunate that all the useful features of bitcoin—decentralization, resiliency, anonymity, finality, censor resistance, and its ability to be used online—are twinned with price volatility. However, to write Bitcoin off this early in time would be premature.

The Two Francises and Finance

If money is a problem for Christians, both Francis of Assisi and Pope Francis and suggest, the solution is to keep it problematic for Christians and not for anyone else. The Christian community Pope Francis hopes to inspire has—at least figuratively—nobody holding the money bag.

The Dharma of Dollars

The stereotype that Hinduism is less materialistically oriented than other religious traditions is clearly false. At the same time, to offer a definitive account of the connection between Hinduism and money would be deceitful and definitively incorrect.

Root, Tree, and Branch

The ostensible arc of The Poison Tree takes us from a child’s domination by a ruthless, unyielding father to a successful adult’s enlightenment and forgiveness. But the actual course of the narrative is less straightforward and, as with the poem from which it takes its inspiration, far more unexpected in its outcomes.