Stephen Dark

Stephen Dark has worked as a journalist and writer for more than thirty years in locations as diverse as London, Buenos Aires, and Salt Lake City. He currently resides in Eastbourne, on the southeast coast of England.

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How to Paralyze Someone with Laughter

Might this be a way of coming to terms with feeling so unmoored from my birth country: journeying on a cultural tugboat up the largely English comedy river in search of the TV shows and comedians that had once influenced and shaped me? If I dipped my toe in the dimly remembered comedies of my childhood and youth, would I discover who I once had been?

A Sky Aglow with Death Machines

This was what my relatives went through, this is what Ukrainians experienced every day: fear of the skies, of anonymous violence delivered imperiously from above, whether from planes, missiles, or drones, this overwhelming sense of powerlessness in the face of the unknown hand determined to smite you down.