Chemistry’s Sweet Side

As Halloween approaches it seems like an appropriate time to have some fun and celebrate confectionery chemistry. We rarely think about chemical concepts when indulging a sweet tooth, but as chemistry is in everything, it’s time to explore our favorite treats in depth: Marshmallows: These squishy goods are produced by mixing gelatin, egg white, corn syrup, […]

Growing Greener Grass

When it comes to measuring our “carbon footprint,” most of us think of our cars and coal-burning plants. It’s time we also thought of our landscaping.

Nuclear In Word, Not Deed

While nuclear power provided 19 percent of US electricity in 2012, many residents may be surprised that no new nuclear power plants have been commissioned in 40 years.

Remembering the Rumble in the Jungle

When violent unrest broke out in Ferguson Aug.9 and several ensuing days after the police killing of a young unarmed black man, Gerald Early made the analogy to the 1964 Philadelphia race riot.