Nicholas Henke

Nicholas Henke is a Washington University undergraduate in French and Comparative Literature.  He also studies German and Italian language, literary modernism, and European cinema.

Posts by Nicholas Henke

The Hyper-Vigilante

Speaking as one whose high school gym teacher once called him a “textbook private school turd,” I feel confident in reflecting on the strange, privileged, frustrating, enlightening world that is private education. As a teenager, I was lucky enough to attend classes whose enrollments usually hovered between 5 and 15 students. Above all else, this made classes […]

The Atomic Frenchman

I’m tired of my science-minded friends’ rants about “humanity’s unhindered upward progress.” Sure, most of them will concede in a late night pseudointellectual conversation that the liberal arts all strive to reach some higher truth, and a few have separate bookshelves for their Criterion Collection DVDs, but before they finish their third Marlboro Gold of […]