Fat Chance

Rather than the elite not being held responsible for their actions because we are so consumed with self-loathing, it might be that fat people do get blamed for problems that have nothing to do with their bodies. This process of deflecting responsibility certainly has a long history.

Little Big Kids

Intervention is only the first step in addressing the epidemic of childhood obesity. Multi-sector approaches, including the healthcare system, schools, community organizations, and policy, must be developed to support obesity prevention and intervention services that can be tailored to individual needs and delivered across the lifespan.

Lost In the Supermarket

In a world where entire stock market indices can be built on castles of sand, where war can break out any moment, or your child’s happiness can turn on a dime into dread despair, stores such as Whole Foods make us small masters of our own destiny.

China Rides the GMO Dragon

Disregarding the Confucian food narrative that shaped China centuries ago, food safety scandals resulting from the contemporary materialism of its character, coupled with GM food controversies fed by people’s distrust of official media, have swept China in spectacular fashion.

The Good Seed

When it comes to seed selection, a million heads are better than one. The process of farmer plant improvement is general right across the rice-growing region in West Africa, and keeping planting material in play through constant use and selection allows for a myriad of adaptation decisions.

Oz And Effect

Baum created what was essentially the first American fairytale, not just written by an American author, but firmly rooted on U.S. soil. Although there had been a few fantasy stories published in this country, none were so defiantly American.

The Rare Hand

Children who compose text by hand produce more words more quickly than doing so by keyboard, and expressed more ideas.

The Conquering Tongue

The world’s many endangered languages should not be preserved simply because of the simple, and shaky, notion that they preserve cultural world views. They should instead be preserved for their aesthetic and cognitive value.