Terrell Carter

Terrell Carter served five years as a police officer for the City of St. Louis, and currently serves as executive director of the North Newstead Association, a community development corporation in St. Louis. He has degrees in biblical studies, organizational leadership, arts management and leadership, theology and, most recently, a Doctor of Ministry degree.

Carter is author of Walking the Blue Line: A Police Officer Turned Community Activist Provides Solutions to the Racial Divide, Machiavellian Ministry: What Faith-Filled Leaders Can Learn from a Faithless Politician, and the forthcoming volume Leadership in Black and White: Lessons Learned While Serving Racially Diverse Communities. He is also a regular contributor to Ethics Daily and Baptist News Global.

His writings can be viewed at www.terrellcarter.net and followed on Twitter @tcarterstl.

Posts by Terrell Carter

“The Hidden Hands”

“In the end, the reason an officer arrests someone really doesn’t matter. What matters is that the officer has the “magic pen.” Officers know that, ultimately, what is written in a report will more than likely be accepted and believed because that officer controls the information that the prosecuting attorney and public will see.”