Most Recent: Nice Work If You Can Get It

Miles Ahead and Born to be Blue draw on the sacrifices professional musicians make for their art, and the consequences that result. Complaints could be lodged. But for the sake of jazz, both are worth discussing.

“Race” and Science

Yudell shows how scientists, even with the best intentions of modernizing the concept of race to keep up with current evidence, often wound up reinforcing its standard view to help insure its survival.

The Court of Obama

The notion that sports leads politics, represented in feel-good accounts of Jackie Robinson ending racism, have long since failed to pass muster. Yet perhaps the true audacity of hoop in the age of Obama is that off-court political issues are considered by the widest swath of American publics when voiced by those on it.

Screening Africa

The new venture Afripedia is out to change your view of the continent, one featured artist at a time.