Kae Petrin

Kae Petrin is a Data & Graphics Reporter on Chalkbeat’s data visuals team and freelances for the Mississippi River Basin Ag & Water Desk. They cofounded the Trans Journalists Association in 2020 with several dozen other journalists; ze has since run many of the organization’s internal operations. They have presented on queer and trans coverage best practices, data reporting and visualization tools, and the intersections of these topics for universities, industry conferences, custom-designed workshops, and newsrooms around the U.S. They also served as a board member and secretary for the St. Louis Pro chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists from 2017 to 2023.

Posts by Kae Petrin

A Tour of the Divided City

A popular bus tour of St. Louis reveals the city’s larger patterns to make its central narrative, and long-standing tensions, stand out.

Screening Africa

The new venture Afripedia is out to change your view of the continent, one featured artist at a time.

Party Entry

Steven C. Smith, WUSTL professor of political science and social science, explains why smaller parties pop up all the time in the United States, but seldom last.

The Buyer’s Dilemma

Have you ever thought about Genetically Modified Organisms, “Man, I wish I could totally avoid them?” Have you ever wanted to boycott a company like Coca-Cola, only to find out days, even weeks after your most recent grocery trip, that all that Honest Tea you buy goes straight to Coca-Cola’s coffers? Or have you ever […]

Blog: Newsome Speaks

Brittany “Bree” Newsome gets down to Earth after scaling South Carolina’s Capitol-grounds flag pole.

The Big Delve

Documentary filmmaker Peter Yost—who has covered topics from North Korea to the increasing relevance of drones to solitary confinement—talks about balancing curiosity with an eye for care.

The Fans Awaken

In recent years, creators and fans have started to mingle. Fandom was once limited to remote interactions and filtered through journalists, publicists, editors, letters, articles, book signings, film openings. Now, between ComiCon panels and Twitter, fans interact with creators immediately and loudly. More than that, past generations of fans are now themselves acting as creators; in the […]