A Graph For the Ages Some common realities in one, easy-to-read panel.

Sarah Harty, Stephanie Herbers & Nancy Morrow-Howell

Sarah Harty is a master's research fellow for the Harvey A. Friedman Center for Aging and serves on a board for the Gateway Alliance for Compassionate Care at End of Life. Harty is currently completing her foundation practicum at BJC Hospice & Palliative Home Care while completing her MSW degree at Washington University. Stephanie Herbers is manager of the Harvey A. Friedman Center for Aging at the Institute for Public Health at Washington University. She oversees the implementation of the Friedman Center for Aging’s key initiatives and events including the center’s support of aging-related curriculum, peer learning groups, global aging network, and pilot research projects. Nancy Morrow-Howell is Bettie Bofinger Brown Distinguished Professor of Social Policy, Bown School, and Director of the Harvey A. Friedman Center For Aging.