Photo courtesy Juliane Liebermann/Unsplash
Issue 19, Winter 2020

Merry Christmas … or the Wish for Something Like It Season's readings, and a 2020 roundup, for a year that could never end too soon.

Think of One: A Holiday Memoir

It was Christmas and Bobby was a good boy and we worked hard for our money. All of that must mean something. What is the point of a God and His Son if this hardship does not mean anything, you know, the hardship of this life, the grinding of it cannot be pointless, can it?

How Food Seduced and Betrayed Us

When did food move from sustenance, holiday ritual, and occasional treats to a consuming avocation with its own vocabulary, gear, techniques, and media? There are more devotees than most religions can attract, and their rituals are charged with significance.

The Recipe in the Writing Class

Never pin your financial hopes on a legume. Ham and beans is really about making use of what one already has at hand, driving one’s own good luck by not wasting opportunities, such as a few handfuls of hard beans and the inedible shank of a pig left over from Christmas dinner.