The Tragic Convergence of Race, Mental Health, and Violence

Ten years after Charles “Cookie” Thornton murdered six people at Kirkwood City Hall in Missouri those who knew him struggle to identify the combination of emotions that led to his actions.

The Uneasy Past of the Veiled Prophet Organization: Part II

For more than a century, the Veiled Prophet Organization has faced race-based protests; however, during all of that time, the organization has been able to claim innocence against racism based on historical context: they made no explicitly racist comments in public, and their exclusionary practices were the same as other fraternal organizations.

Mutiplying Beauty and Transcending Victimhood

Turkish writer Ece Temelkuran explains during a recent interview why targets of autocrats must not be victims, why language is the true home, and why it is children she first consults regarding the fundamental human need and capacity for beauty.


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