Nathaniel Rosenthalis

Nathaniel Rosenthalis is the Senior Fellow in Poetry at Washington University in St. Louis, where he received his MFA. He is the author of the chapbook “Try Me” (Deadly Chaps Press) and “Placed” (Yes Poetry, forthcoming.) His poems and essays have appeared in or are forthcoming in Boston Review, Tinge, Primal School, Essay Daily, and Jam Tarts.

Posts by Nathaniel Rosenthalis

A Great Poet Writes About the Making of Poetry

Glück’s essays in American Originality contain many occasional pieces, such as the introductions to collections she picked for first book prizes, but the strongest pieces move outward and inward at the same time, drawing on autobiographical material to better identify and evaluate the characteristics of our milieu.

Verse For the Worse

Lerner describes the “bitter logic” of poetry, where a gap always exists between what an individual poem strives to do (“the actual”) and the abstract potential of the medium of poetry itself (“the virtual”). But can that gap be responsible for the enmity many of feel toward poetry itself?