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Nathaniel Rosenthalis is the author of The Leniad (Broken Sleep Books, August 31, 2023). His other books include his debut, I Won’t Begin Again, winner of the 2021 Burnside Press Review Book Award, and 24 Hour Air (PANK, 2022). He lives in New York City, where he teaches writing at NYU and works professionally as an actor and singer. More can be found at

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Ten Best Poems of the Past Ten Years

Funeral sermons for poetry seldom discuss, in detail, a single poem. This is a problem of reception, not of poesis, or making. I offer, here, under a perhaps too-pithy conceit, the antidote: a hyper-close, even seemingly rudimentary, close reading of ten poems from the past ten years that I believe offer glimpses of the most vital work in today’s poetry.

Remembering Robert Lowell on His Birthday

    I fell in love with Lowell in college. I was seduced by the tautness of his language and the grandiosity of his worldview. “Skunk Hour,” with its painterly composition of a town in Maine, its deliberately pedestrian observations, its seemingly casual lineation, the incorporation of a song lyric (“Love, O careless love”) that […]

A Great Poet Writes About the Making of Poetry

Glück’s essays in American Originality contain many occasional pieces, such as the introductions to collections she picked for first book prizes, but the strongest pieces move outward and inward at the same time, drawing on autobiographical material to better identify and evaluate the characteristics of our milieu.

Verse For the Worse

Lerner describes the “bitter logic” of poetry, where a gap always exists between what an individual poem strives to do (“the actual”) and the abstract potential of the medium of poetry itself (“the virtual”). But can that gap be responsible for the enmity many of feel toward poetry itself?