Michael A. Kahn

Michael A. Kahn is a trial attorney specializing in intellectual property and the arts. An award-winning author of The Flinch Factor and several other novels and short stories, he is also an adjunct professor of law at Washington University in St. Louis, where he teaches a course on censorship and freedom of expression.

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Trial of the (Mid) Century

The Twelfth Victim arises out of a 1950s Crime of the Century known as the Starkweather Rampage. Its namesake, Charles Starkweather, was hardly a poster boy for, well, a Most Wanted poster. He was a short, red-headed, bow-legged, nineteen-year-old from Lincoln, Nebraska. Nevertheless, during the space of two months he murdered eleven people in Nebraska and Wyoming, terrified the citizens of those states, and horrified the nation.”