Thabiti Lewis

Thabiti Lewis is Associate Professor of English at Washington State University Vancouver. He has published widely in the areas of American literature, masculinity, African-American Studies, and the popular culture aspects of music and sports. He is author of the 2010 book Ballers of the New School: Race and Sports in America (Third World Press).

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“Rosengren constantly nudges readers to realize both men do not exist in a vaccum—void of any connection to other people, traditions, or social factors. Thus, chapter five is titled “Summer of Fury” to make the reader privy to the Watts Riots that erupted a few weeks earlier and to serve as a reminder that the 1960s was an intense, unique decade in American history, fraught with declarations of redefinition that created social turbulence that forged dramatic social reforms in the United States. This is a story of heroism, cowardice, miscommunication, racism, the 1960s, and reconciliation. It is about much more than a fight.”