Kathleen Nelson

Kathleen Nelson has taught courses on News, Sports and Travel Writing at Washington University in St. Louis and worked for more than three decades at the St. Louis Post-Dispatch as an editor, designer, reporter, photographer, and columnist in the news, features, fashion, travel and sports, where she covered Super Bowls, World Series, Stanley Cup Playoffs, Final Fours and Olympic Trials and delved into issues such as Title IX, recruiting and sportsmanship. She has authored Celebrating the Musial Awards in St. Louis, commemorating the 100th anniversary of Stan Musial’s birth and his legacy of sportsmanship that is honored through the Musial Awards.

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The Only Woman in the Baseball Hall of Fame

With little of Effa’s own words and personal details, the book is less a biography than an overview of how systemic racism played out in her childhood, in her young adulthood living in Harlem during the Renaissance and in the arc of the Negro Leagues. Despite the lack of Effa’s voice, however, this is a story worth telling and even more worth reading for a young audience.