Jan Castro

Jan Garden Castro , www.jancastro.com, is author of The Last Frontier (poetry) and books on Sonia Delaunay and Georgia O’Keeffe. Her monthly “in the studio” blog is at sculpture.org. She is co-curator of “New Ways of Seeing: Cultural Hybridity & Aesthetic Liberty,” at the Dorsky Gallery, New York, May 3-July 12, 2015.

Posts by Jan Castro

100 Percent Franzen

Franzen’s strength is probing concepts we have been raised to emulate or strive for. The question of how secrets can either fester or come out is treated on practically every page of the novel.

Bird Land

Zink’s narrative raises great questions about the nature and credibility of people on all sides of environmental matters—and the ways that language may be used to cloud rather than to clarify core issues.

America On Screen

Ric Burns on why narrative is the most important ingredient to any good documentary film, American or no.