Andrew Wyatt

Andrew Wyatt lives in St. Louis, Missouri, where he writes on cinema, television, video art, and culture. Wyatt is the lead film critic for The Lens, the official blog of Cinema St. Louis. He was the weekly film critic for St. Louis Magazine from 2010 to 2017, and still contributes to that publication. He has also been a contributor to The Curator and Temporary Art Review.

Posts by Andrew Wyatt

Who Killed the World?

How exactly the world was killed might be a mystery, but the who seems all-too-obvious: men. Men and their consuming hunger for more power and more speed.

Crazy Films Define a Time of Upheaval

It was not the box office hits, the Oscar-winners, or even the overtly druggy cinematic curios of 1968 that had the clearest sense of where the Age of Aquarius might be heading. Rather, it was the smaller American and British horror features—most of them overlooked today—that seemed to discern the looming end of the Revolution.

Fugitives From Sheol

In every decade since the Sheol, the films that resulted reveal wider, prevailing attitudes toward Jewishness, history, memory, and psychological trauma.