Abhishek A. Kothari

Abhishek A. Kothari is a chartered accountant (CA) from India. As a member of consulting majors PwC and KPMG, he worked closely with multinational clients in the manufacturing and financial services industries as a public accountant and consultant. He completed his MBA from Washington University in St. Louis May 2014 and writes frequently on his blog on Medium with a focus on non-fiction and futurism. Kothari has also contributed to online publications such as the Harvard Business Review, Startup Grind, Hacker Noon and the Young Entrepreneurs Community based in Amsterdam.

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Masters of Policy

Understanding the Role of Governments in Regulating Economies In 1681, when a group of French businessmen led by M. Le Gendre met the French Controller-General of Finances Jean-Baptiste Colbert, the minister asked the businessmen how the French state could be of assistance to the merchants. Le Gendre simply replied: “Laissez-nous faire” (leave it to us). […]

Mapping Irrationality: An Introduction to Behavioral Economics

Classical economics begins with a central assumption that all people everywhere are rational. However, one of the chief problems with rationality is that it is relative. Rationality assumes that people consciously establish and verify all the facts of a given situation and use logical assumptions to arrive at a conclusion. Not only that, they revise […]

Chasing Sustainable Growth: Understanding the Impact of Productivity of Economies

Sustainability is a contemporary conundrum that is likely going to grow in importance with each passing generation. Increasingly, Millennials and Generation Z are looking back at history to avoid the mistakes that their parents or grandparents committed. Examples include over-reliance on fossil fuels and rapid consumption of natural resources. They are learning the importance of […]

Slowing Down To Catch a Breath: The Economics of a Recession

The hard thing about economic cycles is that it is very hard to predict when an economy is sliding into a recession or moving to a period of sustained growth. Imagine that you are a fish in a fishbowl oblivious of the universe outside. Being in a recession is a similar feeling. The National Bureau […]

Cutting the Slack: Understanding an Economy in Growth Mode

These days, there is talk of a recession: A foreboding conclusion many economists and market experts seem to draw from a slowdown in economic growth. Of course, doom and gloom narratives outsell a rosy picture any given day. However, a slowdown in economic growth is not always a recession. To understand this truism, it is […]

What Goes Around Comes Around: Economic Cycles and Their Effects, Part I

In Mark Twain’s 1873 novel The Gilded Age: A Tale of Today, co-written with his neighbor Charles Dudley Warner, Twain describes cycles as follows: “History never repeats itself, but the Kaleidoscopic combinations of the pictured present often seem to be constructed out of the broken fragments of antique legends.” So, if there is one inescapable […]