Tyler B. Parker

Tyler B. Parker is a master’s student in Islamic and Near Eastern Studies at Washington University in St. Louis. He serves as an Arabic Instructional Aide and studies (neo)colonial impact on Islamic governance and religiosity.

Posts by Tyler B. Parker

The Geography of Political Dysfunction

Hill’s comprehensive work reflects a diverse skillset, straddling the disciplines of history, journalism, and political science, that lends to a linguistically captivating and informative explanation of Yemen’s experience of regional intervention, tribal patronage, and strongman politics.

South of Suez

When Great Britain announced in January 1968 its military withdrawal from colonial holdings bracketing the Indian Ocean, it announced an era of reckoning in which colonial legacy and Islamically-oriented political parties vied for power across the Middle East. Today, Sudan and Yemen remain salient examples of that era’s lasting effects.

The Misery of Terrorism

The strength of The Terror Years is its candid portrayal of societal and personal shortcomings and strivings from areas as diverse as the meeting rooms of Washington, D.C., the heat of southern Arabia, and the hinterlands of Afghanistan.