Timothy J. Moore

Timothy J. Moore is John and Penelope Biggs Distinguished Professor of Classics at Washington University in St. Louis. He is the author of Artistry and Ideology: Livy’s Vocabulary of Virtue (1989), The Theater of Plautus (1998), Music in Roman Comedy (2012), and Roman Theatre (2012).

Posts by Timothy J. Moore

The Roots and Persistence of the Idea of Decline

This book is as much a manifesto as a work of history. The manifesto is timely, important, and utterly persuasive. The history is a bit more complicated, but nevertheless offers an eloquent explanation of much that happened in the long history of Rome and its empire. Watts follows a long series of modern thinkers in […]

All the Roads That Lead to Rome

Addis offers a dark view of Rome’s history, in which historical change comes about not through high-minded actions or progress, but rather through brutality, ruthlessness, and accident. This is a healthful antidote to the triumphalist histories, acclaiming the expansion of the Roman Empire, the rise of Christianity, Italian nationalism, or Western civilization, of which the city of Rome has sometimes been the center.