Ronald L. Fair

Ronald Lyman Fair (1932-2018) was born in Chicago where he attended school and began writing as a teenager. After serving three years in the U.S. Navy Fair worked twelve years as a court reporter. His first novel, Many Thousand Gone: An American Fable, was published in 1965 and followed by Hog Butcher in 1966, and World of Nothing: Two Novellas, published in 1970. Hog Butcher, was filmed in 1975 as Cornbread, Earl and Me, and also republished under that name the same year. In 1977 he moved to Finland to study sculpture and create sculptures featured in many exhibitions throughout Scandinavia.

Posts by Ronald L. Fair

We Can’t Breathe

“This is a narrative of what it was like for those of us born in the thirties. Our parents had come from Mississippi, Louisiana, Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama, and many other southern states where the whites were perverse and inhuman in their treatment of blacks. But mostly they came from Mississippi. They came to the big cities armed only with glorious fantasies about a new and better world, hoping to find the dignity that had been denied them, hoping to find the self-respect that had been cut out of them. They came north, and we were the children born in the place they had escaped to—Chicago.”