Richard Chapman

Richard Chapman is a veteran screenwriter and film producer, and lecturer in screenwriting in Washington University’s Film & Media Studies Program in Arts & Sciences. Chapman was nominated in 2003 for an Emmy Award for his role as co-writer of the HBO original film Live From Baghdad.

Posts by Richard Chapman

Good Morning, Belarus

Belarus finally declared independence in 1990 but it was a republic ruled by Vladimir Putin’s puppet president, Alexander Lukashenko—the last of the old-school ironfisted dictators, whose reign continues to this day. For me that day in 2002 was the beginning of a mashup of Fear and Loathing in Minsk meets Planes, Trains and Oxcarts as I got a guided tour of the no man’s land just across the Pripyat River from the decaying, hulking skeleton of the Chernobyl Reactor Dome.

The Great American Film

Isenberg has assembled an all-star cast of film critics, filmmakers, families of crew members, and fans from all walks of life to share their analysis, anecdotes and nostalgia for a film that Umberto Ecco has characterized as “‘not one movie; it is ‘movies.’”

“Lights, Camera … Money!”

At the center of almost every film is a cast of great actors. But it is money—its loss, gain, theft or lawful earning—that so often decides who gets cast.