Randall Calvert

Randall Calvert is Thomas F. Eagleton University Professor of Public Affairs and Political Science at Washington University. He specializes, among other things, in American political institutions and constitutional development.

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Ronald Reagan and His Revolution

A reader primarily interested in an exhaustive account of policy specifics or in Reagan’s position in the longer arc of American political history might do better with other biographies, or with the several excellent historical works addressing the broader context of the Reagan presidency. But for the reader primarily interested in a single biography about Reagan the man and Reagan the politician, and moderately serious about following details of his statesmanship, An American Journey would be a rewarding choice—entertaining, evenhanded, and historically rich.

Breaking the Code

Haney López constructs a history of “strategic racism,” whereby politicians, regardless of personal attitudes about race, exploit (on the right) or accommodate (on the left) these attitudes. The result, in his view, has been an exacerbation of racial stereotypes, fears, and distortions regarding public discourse and policy.