Qiu Xiaolong

Qiu Xiaolong (裘小龙, /ˈ) is a poet, literary translator, crime novelist, critic and academic living in St. Louis. Born in Shanghai, he is author of nine books in his Inspector Chen series of detective novels, the latest of which is Shanghai Redemption.

Posts by Qiu Xiaolong

China Rides the GMO Dragon

Disregarding the Confucian food narrative that shaped China centuries ago, food safety scandals resulting from the contemporary materialism of its character, coupled with GM food controversies fed by people’s distrust of official media, have swept China in spectacular fashion.

Cooking With Words

If the translation is tantalizing enough—and even if it isn’t—language can transcend its boundaries beyond signifiers to land straight on the tongue. Novelist Qiu Xiaolong has the experience, and literary character, to prove it.