Michael Amico

Michael Amico holds a PhD in American Studies from Yale University. His dissertation, The
Forgotten Union of the Two Henrys, is the true story of the romance between two Christian men
in the American Civil War. He is the author, with Michael Bronski and Ann Pellegrini, of “You
Can Tell Just by Looking”: And 20 Other Myths about LGBT Life and People (Beacon, 2013).

Posts by Michael Amico

Abraham Lincoln’s Best Friend

Strozier’s deep dive into the relationship between Abraham Lincoln and Joshua Speed is powerfully persuasive in showing that not only was it life-affirming for Lincoln but that it was more important and more intimate than his relationship with Mary Todd, or any woman, at the time. This is a hugely consequential shift in the perception, place, and power of the love between men in Lincoln’s life.

Gay Liberation as the Quest For Community

While Downs adds to the historical record detailed information about community and religious groups working with gay men in prison, his main objective in Stand By Me is to show how all of these sites of community formation, even those outside of urban areas, were part of gay liberation. This is his book’s greatest argumentative strength.