Matthew Shipe

Matthew Shipe is a lecturer and Director of Advanced Writing in the English Department at Washington University in St. Louis. He has published essays on John Updike, Philip Roth, Raymond Carver, Don DeLillo, and Barry Hannah. In 2015, he won the John Updike Review’s Emerging Writers Prize for his essay “The Long Goodbye: The Role of Memory in John Updike’s Short Fiction.” He currently serves as President of the Philip Roth Society and is on the Executive Board of the John Updike Society. He is also on the editorial board of Philip Roth Studies.

Posts by Matthew Shipe

“Take a Sad Song and Make It Better”

I should probably make it clear from the outset of this review that I am a Paul guy. In that most vexing of cultural divides, I would (begrudgingly) choose “I’ve Just Seen a Face” over “Tomorrow Never Knows,” Ram over Plastic Ono Band, a Höfner violin bass over a black Rickenbacker. My obsession with all things […]