Mathew Simkovits

Mathew Simkovits is an undergraduate studying political science and economics at Washington University in St. Louis. He currently works as an intern in the Massachusetts State House. Besides his interest in politics, Simkovits spends his time playing basketball, jamming on the trombone, and writing short fiction.

Posts by Mathew Simkovits

Minimum wage: What do we really know about it?

If you have been reading the news lately, you might be familiar with what some have called the Seattle minimum wage disaster. According to this recent study from the University of Washington, Seattle’s recent hike, which raised the minimum wage from $10 to $13, caused the average low-wage worker to lose more than 6 percent […]

Drone Strikes, Con

In the follow-up to my last post about the positives of drone strikes, I would like to focus on a specific type of drone strike: the signature strike. This type of strike should be useful in illustrating the potential negative side of drone strikes. Signature strikes select targets based on their lifestyle, specifically on whether […]

Drone Strikes, Pro

Over the last few years, much ado has been made about drone strikes in popular media. Much coverage has been positive, touting the number of terrorist militants killed in a certain confirmed strike or praising the elimination of a senior terrorist leader. There has been just as much negative press, from reports that question the […]