Jeslyn Kim

Jeslyn Kim is a linguistics student at New York University. She hopes to integrate her love for language and for the written word into a publishing career. Outside of school, she loves to read and write, find the best eateries in New York City, listen to music, and sing.

Posts by Jeslyn Kim

Comfortable Silence

Recently, I came across some essays I had written a few years back. These stories were mostly autobiographical, tales of personal observations and proclamations of personal beliefs. As I read over them, I remembered how quickly my hands had worked to tell these stories, eager to share them with an audience as quickly as I […]


Ours was a table conveniently located in the cool shade of a tree near the principal’s office. Nobody dared to sit there, even if they were the first to be excused for lunch; it belonged to us, the same way the area around the oak tree in the center of the quad belonged to the […]

Pinky Promise: The Adult’s Guide to Keeping and Telling Secrets

Growing up, there were few secrets to keep from my parents. When they asked how my day had been, the answer was simple and honest. After all, my days were consistently uneventful: school from 8 to 2:30, the occasional after-school hangout in a park or a neighborhood Starbucks, and then coming home and sitting at […]


The most dreaded question a college senior could be asked: What are you doing after graduation? College graduation sneaks up on a person. At first it seems far away, as if it will never come, and then in the blink of an eye there are caps and gowns and diplomas everywhere. It is easy to […]

The Adolescent Paradox

There is something called the adolescent paradox, a term referring to the ironic situation in which young adults are at once both at the peak of their physical health and energy while also being most at risk for mental illness. So while our bodies are equipped to do all we may want, like staying up […]

The Struggle to Know

When I applied to colleges as a linguistics major in 2013, I had done virtually no research. A friend of mine had told me linguistics was about language. I was taking AP Spanish at the time and I loved speaking and listening to music in Korean, and that seemed like reason enough to walk down […]

The Highlight Reel

Of all the things millennials are known for, social media has to be the most predominant. A typical portrayal of a millennial might have his face glued to the phone, refusing to connect with the world around him and instead obsessed with the world inside of his screen. Though the stereotype is overused, there is […]

Millennial Election Complacency

For almost all of my friends, this election was the first they could vote in. It was something special to see my friends cast their votes, urge others to do the same, and contribute to the making of America’s future. To finally be old enough to participate in the election, especially one as outlandish (polarizing) […]

Then and Now

In just the past couple of decades there has been a change in the sequence of events that are generally understood to lead up to adulthood. These events included getting employed, meeting and marrying someone, and having children. Nowadays these milestones are no longer requirements for growing up, and even if some may consider them […]

Almost, Not Quite

All my friends are confused. We keep changing our majors. We do not know what to do with those majors. We are looking for jobs, not so much for saving or for growth, but because we need the money, and we need it now. We oversleep and we never sleep. We look for love but […]