Emma Young

Emma Young is a PhD candidate at the University of Missouri-Saint Louis. She joined the Ricklefs lab in 2014 with a background in avian ecology and disease, and she is especially interested in the interactions between disease ecology and conservation biology. She is currently studying malaria parasite distributions and host/parasite interactions in the neotropical birds of Gamboa, Panama. Emma is also an avid proponent of science communication and works for the Story Collider, a live science storytelling show and podcast.

Posts by Emma Young

How to Talk to Your Family About Climate Change

As a biologist and science communicator, I sometimes have friends and relatives ask for advice on defending scientific topics to skeptical groups, especially climate change. In an era where misinformation runs rampant, this is a desire that is perhaps as admirable as it is foolhardy; on social media, the trolls and the actual skeptics can […]

Learning From Loss: The Value and Legacy of Natural History Museums

In the dwindling hours of September 2nd, a fire broke out in Brazil’s Museu Nacional, one of the largest natural history museums in the world. The disaster was international news; 90 percent of the museum’s collection (some 20 million items) was lost in the blaze. This included many anthropological items of critical importance, such as […]