Ella Faust

Ella Faust is a Howard Nemerov Scholar in Creative Writing at Washington University in St. Louis, where she is majoring in English with a minor in Film and Media Studies.

Posts by Ella Faust

Face to Face

The arrival of the pandemic-era summer was a freewheeling mental battle between appreciation of health and stability, and an almost selfish disdain for a locked-in, isolated life that I had never imagined I would have to experience.

Ambiguity In the Time of COVID-19

My usual response when I decide that any aspect of my life is spiraling out from under my possession is usually the impulse to regain control in whatever way possible. But as I settled into an unfamiliar back room of my parent’s new apartment, months and months of uncertainty stretched out onto the bare white walls around me. I felt any semblance of a “plan” spiral out into a realm that I could no longer grasp.

How Gen Z Hears the Sirens of the Past

Today’s Gen Z youth have created a culture of hybridized nostalgia—an aestheticization of past fashions and lifestyles filtered through a modern lens.