Eileen G’Sell

Eileen G’Sell’s nonfiction and poetry has appeared in Salon, Boston Review, Denver Quarterly, Conduit, and DIAGRAM, among other journals. Her latest chapbook is available through BOAAT Press. She teaches rhetoric, poetry, and film at Washington University in St. Louis.

Posts by Eileen G’Sell

Post-Nostalgia Poster Child?

If Pokey LaFarge is post-nostalgic, it is only partway. If anything, his music and personae expose the extent to which older, simpler virtues—for worse and for better—survive in St. Louis in so many ways.

Beloved Though Befallen

Population 2,313, Wellston sits immediately north of University City, though most living and learning south of Delmar likely know it primarily for its Metro stop en route to the airport. On November 21, that changed, or started to change, at least, with the “Wellston Loop Family Reunion & Exhibit” organized by Steven Friedman and Washington […]

Policing Past Body, Mind and Heart

It is possible that I am the only person I know in the Washington University community who knows Ferguson moderately well. By that I mean, I knew it before Michael Brown, and I came to “reknow” it after. I toasted craft beers at its brewery, purchased late-night munchies at its Schnucks, navigated its rows of humble […]

Post-Apocalypse Aesthetics? A Pruitt-Igoe Walking Tour

“This is, genuinely, my idea of beauty. This is life after cities. This is life after humans.” We are staring at 57 acres of overgrown wildlife comprising the former Pruitt-Igoe, one of the most iconic modernist feats in the history of public housing, and also one of the most catastrophic failures. The “we” in question […]

Gate Debate: Forest Park & the Power of Peripheries

As the Gateway to the West, St. Louis might well also be called the Gateway to Ardent Gating. Arguably prescient of a national shift in civilian traffic from public space (parks, squares, promenades) to private (fitness centers, Apples stores, capacious motor vehicles) this gate-gusto has likewise contributed to a prevailing ethos of “keep out,” especially […]