Donald G. Stein

Donald G. Stein, Ph.D., is Asa G. Candler Professor and Distinguished Professor in Emergency Medicine at Emory University. He was formerly Vice Provost for Graduate Studies, Dean of the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences and interim Vice President for Research. His lab studies progesterone and its metabolites in pediatric, adult and aged models of TBI and stroke, and in certain types of brain cancer. Stein is the author of numerous papers, book chapters, books and reviews on recovery from brain injury. Stein has delivered hundreds of lectures around the world on the topic of central nervous system plasticity and repair.

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Head First

Concussion is replete with virtues and vices. It is vivid, sympathetic, in some ways convincing, in some ways balanced. On the other hand, it is often dumbed down to the point of being childish.