Alex Leichenger

Alex Leichenger graduated 2015 from Washington University in St. Louis  with a degree in American Culture Studies and political science. His thesis explored the historical relationship between Jewish American professional basketball franchise owners and black athletes through sociological, economic, and cultural perspectives. Leichenger has since interned with the National Basketball Players Association and worked on political campaigns. He is a Southern Californian currently betraying his Dodger and Laker roots by living among Giants and Warriors fans in the Bay Area. 

Posts by Alex Leichenger

Protest as Sport

The through line for a collision between national anthem, sports, and protest that has persisted from 1968’s black-gloved fists in the air to #TakeAKnee is not as straight as you might believe.

The Money Jungle

Money has always corrupted in one way or another, but it is the unequal and illogical distribution of power that most plagues our cherished games.