Science: Elements & Motion

Chemistry’s Sweet Side

As Halloween approaches it seems like an appropriate time to have some fun and celebrate confectionery chemistry. We rarely think about chemical concepts when indulging a sweet tooth, but as chemistry is in everything, it’s time to explore our favorite treats in depth: Marshmallows: These squishy goods are produced by mixing gelatin, egg white, corn syrup, […]

What Good Is the Truth?

We take science for granted in our daily lives, but science also reminds us how dangerous it is to hold beliefs without evidence.

Chemicals’ Fear Factor

Common sense tells us that elements most basic to life are comprised of “chemicals.” So why do we shudder at the mere mention of the word?

Dark Matter, Meet PAMELA

Is the story of the discovery of the neutrino a case study for finding dark matter? Yes and no. Sometimes the scientific method is predictable, as was demonstrated by neutrinos. Other times, unexpected results pop up.

Dark Matter, Part II

“Dark matter” has been identified in its interactions with other matter, but not identified as to its true nature. Rashied Amini explores promising candidates and theories for dark matter.

Dark Matter, Part I: Dark Semantics

Though poor reporting may be almost expected for political events, it is now commonplace to science reporting, and with new media the task of a scientist to break through the wall of misinformation is harder.