Energy: Searching for Joules

The Power Of Energy

What is the difference between power and energy? The simple answer is that energy is the ability to do work and power is the rate at which energy is created or consumed. Both terms appear quite frequently whenever talk about electricity or environmental sustainability crops up, but are often incorrectly used interchangeably. When I pay […]

Electricity’s Future, Part III: Microgrid

One piece of technology that could have the biggest influence over the electricity market in the coming decades is already in almost every Americans’ pocket. Rechargeable energy storage (in the form of your cell phone’s Li-ion battery in your pocket) is changing a major fundamental aspect of the electric grid: That electricity is perishable and […]

Shrinking Generation

The term “power plant” often evokes images of giant nuclear cooling towers or massive fossil fuel smoke stacks reaching skyward. People’s thoughts tend towards massive infrastructure projects that produce energy for entire cities in a single location. As was touched on in Part 1 of this series (The Grid), as the electric industry evolved from […]

Growing Greener Grass

When it comes to measuring our “carbon footprint,” most of us think of our cars and coal-burning plants. It’s time we also thought of our landscaping.

Nuclear In Word, Not Deed

While nuclear power provided 19 percent of US electricity in 2012, many residents may be surprised that no new nuclear power plants have been commissioned in 40 years.